Hotel complex “Sinjirite” offers a spacious outdoors area, that could be used for relaxation and entertainment. Our guest could also walk around and experience the beautiful town of Elena and its surroundings.

Игри на открито

Outdoor activities

The grounds around the resort are suitable for playing soccer, volleyball, badminton, etc. Our youngest guests could enjoy the 3 meters round trampoline with safety net and the train themed playground equipped with a sandbox and swing sets. The grounds of the resort also offer hammocks, benches, gazebos and various spots for resting and relaxation. In the hot summer months, our guests could relax at our large open swimming pool.

Books and board games

Classical games such as "Don’t get Mad", Scrabble, Chess, Backgammon, Cards, Puzzels, etc. are available upon request. We also have a small library with books, magazines, and kid's books for reading and coloring. Books and games are available free of charge at Reception.


The "Yovkovtsi" dam is situated near Valchovtsi village, 5 kilometres west from the town of Elena.It was built about 20 years ago on the Vesselina river. You can reach to the dam by passing through the town, following the main road towards the village of Yakovtsi. The dam is rich in carp, pikeperch and many other kinds of fish.

Христовски водопад

Hiking trails

The Elena Balkan mountain is one of the most picturesque places, where nature has preserved its natural appearance and charm. There are many eco trails that lead to the natural landmarks in the area, such as Markov stone, Hristovski waterfall, Rayuv stone, the "Elephant" tree, Chumerna peak and others.

"Sinjirite" Complex - Hristovski Falls eco trail

Starting point is approx. 50 meters from the "Sinjirite" Complex, where the asphalt road ends. The trail goes into the forest, passing trough the "Cherkovisteto", a sacred site where in ancient times people performed harvest rituals. The route crosses a small creek, forest meadows and goes to the Hristovci neighborhood. Passing through the area, a narrow path leads to a panoramic site over Hristovski Waterfall. This is one of the nature's wonders in the Elena Balkan. The waterfall is situated on the "Miikovska" river, and it is a beautiful cascading waterfall with a 15 meter (50 feet) drop. Following a small trail down, you may reach the river itself. The eco route is marked with white and red markings and the difficulty level is low. Distance from "Sinjirite" Complex to the waterfall is about 3 km. Hiking time - approximately 60 minutes.

Еко пътеки

Miykovtsi village – Chumerna hut – Chumerna hiking trail

"Chumerna" hut can be reached for 3 and a half hours. It is open the whole year round. Initially the route follows the scenic Boroshtitsa river and reaches a large meadow, with a hunting boom and wild animal feeder. From there, the route goes into the woods, on the mountain ribs to the highest part of the mountain. Chumerna peak is in about 30 minutes walk from the hut. The marking is white - red - white.

Usoe neighborhood - Markov Stone - Rayuv stone - Usoe neighborhood hiking trail

This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Elena Balkan. The route is round, from Usoe village to Markov stone, Rayuv stone and back to the village of Usoe. The whole passage takes about three hours, the marking is blue.

Elena town - Marafeltsi village - Valchevtsi village - Kapinovo monastery hiking trail

The route passes through several villages, typical for the Elena town region - Marafeltsi, Titevtsi, Valchevtsi. In its the beginning the route reveals marvelous view to the highest part of The Balkan mountain, passing by two of the sleeves of the "Yovkovtsi" dam, continues in the fresh green forest. Then comes climbing to Razvalatsi neighborhood, and afterwards - descending to the Vesselina river. The trail follows the road along the river down to Kapinovo monastery, the beautiful waterfall and the river pool. Time - about 4.30 hours.

Културно наследство

Cultural heritage

Walk around the cultural heritage of Renaissance town of Elena.

  • Architecture – historical complex "Daskalolivnitsata" ,which includes three cultural sights - "Kambourov Khan", "St. Nicholas" church and the first class school "Daskalolivnitsa";
  • "Ilarion Makariopolski" house-museum;
  • Museum of Paleontology- Popnikolov's house;
  • The clock tower;
  • The five Razsukanov's houses;
  • The house of Yordan Hadzhipetkov.