The guests of “Sinjirite” Complex have a choice between preparing their own meals or ordering a dish from our menu. Our restaurant specializes in using locally grown produce and locally sourced meat with focus on authenticity and home-style flavours. Our goal is to offer the highest level of service with food that reflects the seasons, allowing our guests to taste the best of Bulgarian cuisine and creating an unique dining experience. We service exclusively the guests of the hotel and all ordered dishes are delivered to the guest house you chose to stay at.


Bulgarian-Style Breakfast

We offer traditional Bulgarian breakfast. The breakfast is always freshly made and it includes “mekici” (Bulgarian style doughnuts), “banitsa” with butter (Bulgarian style filo pastry), Bulgarian style french toast with locally sourced eggs, egg sandwich with feta cheese and “kashkawal” (Bulgarian style yellow cheese). The breakfast is served with a herbal tea or “ayran” (Bulgarian style yogurt drink). All dairy products for the breakfast are sourced from the local Dairy Farm “Elena”, which is renowned for the superior quality and taste of its products.

You can enjoy your breakfast between 08:30 and 10:00 hrs. For the best experience, please specify your preferred serving time in advance.


Main Dishes

We highly value the quality of the food we offer. All our meals are freshly made and never pre-cooked. Our menu is predominantly focused on traditional dishes such as our famous pork chops slow cooked in a dough sealed clay pot. One of our signature dishes is the slow roasted rabbit with rice stuffing cooked to perfection.

Another one of our guests favourites is our “Elena Style” bean and pork dish cooked from an original recipe.




We also offer non-meat options such as our “mish-mash”, a traditional meal made with eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and feta cheese all infused with selected blend of spices and herbs.

In addition to all these tasty meals you should definitely try and enjoy our peasant bread with butter, which we knead on site and serve with a mixture of ground dried herbs.



We offer a variety of in-house made desserts. For the lovers of coffee, chocolate, and liqueur flavours we offer tiramisu, made from an original Italian recipe. Another desert option is our creme caramel, made with fresh local eggs and dairy that will leave you wanting more. We also offer biscuit cake made from our own recipe, a must-try treat that we know you will love. In case you prefer something simpler, we can offer a variety of ice cream products.

Pre-order your meal

We know how busy and dynamic life could be. For those of you who arrive late in the afternoon or evening and would like to have dinner ready on your arrival, we offer a pre-order food option. You can do this by phone, via email at or here and we will make sure your food is ready and served on timе.